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     1= tdtd Emacs Mode for DTDs = 
     3The tdtd package for an Emacs major mode for editing SGML and XML DTDs is available in at Installation instructions are included in the file `readme.txt` in the tdtd distribution. 
     5''Do not bookmark anything about tdtd other than this page since this web site is still a work in progress and filenames and directories may still change.'' 
     7A tutorial on using tdtd is available at 
     9The current revision is 0.7.1 dated March 24, 1999. 
     11Features of tdtd revision 0.7.1 include: 
     13    * Standalone mode for editing DTDs; 
     14    * "Goto" menu for locating declarations within the current buffer; 
     15    * `dtd-etags` function for creating Emacs TAGS files for easy lookup of any element, parameter entity, or notation's definition using Emacs's built-in tag-lookup functions; 
     16    * `dtd-grep` function for searching files that shares a file history with `dtd-etags` for easy searching of the same files with both functions; 
     17    * Specific font lock highlighting of declarations in XML DTDs, SGML DTDs, SGML Declarations, and System Declarations so that the important information stands out; 
     18    * XML-specific behaviour that, at user option, is triggered by automatic detection of the XML Declaration; 
     19    * Functions for writing and editing element, attribute, internal parameter entity and external parameter entity declarations and comments to ease creating and keeping a consistent style; and 
     20    * Elements and parameter entity names referenced in declarations are stored in minibuffer history to minimise retyping in new declarations.  
     22`dtd-mode` references `sgml-validate` for its validation function. Use with Lennart Staflin's `psgml` package is recommended. 
     24Use with `resize-minibuffer-mode` is also recommended. 
     26The "Goto" menu is only available if you have `imenu.el`. 
     28dtd-mode was tested using NTEmacs 19.34.1 and NTEmacs 20.3.1. 
     29== Git == 
     31You can check out the latest (and possibly unstable) code using: 
     33git clone 
     35Before you either use or install tdtd, you will have to make `tdtd-font.el` as described in `readme.txt`. 
     36== Ubuntu == 
     38tdtd has been available for Ubuntu (and, presumably, Debian) as the `tdtd` package.