Unicode: A Primer Errata

These are the known errors and omissions in "Unicode: A Primer". If you find any errors or omissions that are not listed, please send mail to Tony Graham at tkg at

Last updated January 11, 2001.

Thanks to Silke Achterfeld, Charles Lau, James Johnston, Bob Cassels, Jeff Hay-Roe, Peter Cashin, Antoine Trux, Daniel Lee, Joseph Lindsay, and Karl Chopelas for reporting errors.


iv"U+0030" should be "U+0020".

"0030" should be "0020".

"0000 00030" should be "0000 0020", i.e. the example should show the correct eight hexadecimal digits in two sets of four.

"0x30" should be "0x20".
xvThe icon list should include the "Warning" icon used on page 133


No recorded errors.


xxivThe indentation in the list is largely wrong. Essentially, nearly everything that's indented shouldn't be, and any groups of lines that aren't indented should have the second and subsequent lines indented to show that the item continues across multiple lines.
xxxvi"the moon" should be "the sun".
xxxixThe binary digits for "E" in the figure should be "1110", not "1101". The correct figure is shown below.No image "4625-2-fgI02RevA.gif" attached to unicode/unicode/errata
xliii"as in the following figure shows" should be "as the following figure shows"
xliv"the G1 character set uses 0x20-0xF7" should it be "the G0 character set uses 0x20-0xF7"
xlv"choose simplicity" should be "chose simplicity"
xlviiThe characters in the figure were translated in production from a Windows encoding to a Macintosh encoding, so many of the ISO 8859-1 characters are wrong. In addition, ';:<=>?' were incorrectly shown as 'ABCDE'. The correct figure is shown below.
No image "4625-2-fgI05RevC.gif" attached to unicode/unicode/errata

Chapter 1 – Introducing Unicode and ISO/IEC 10646

No recorded errors.

Chapter 2 – Unicode Design Basis and Principles

22"U-0001000 to U-000FFFFF" should be "U-00010000 to U-0010FFFF"

Chapter 3 – Structure of the Unicode Standard

35"General Scripts Area Character Block" should be "General Scripts Area Character Blocks"
57"LineBreaking.txt" should be "LineBreak.txt"
59"in Chapter 5. for more information" should be "in Chapter 5 for more information"
73In the note at the bottom of the page, "20,9992" should be "20,992" and "9FFF ( 4E00" should be "9FFF-4E00". (There is a general problem with "Symbol" font minus signs turning into left parentheses.)
75In figure caption, "10646-1:200" should be "10646-1:2000".
76"such the mathematical property" should be "such as the mathematical property"

Chapter 4 – Encodings and Transcodings

82"UTF-4" should be "UCS-4"
84"FFEF" should be "FFFE"
88-90"DlmF0Q" should be "DlkF0Q" in the text and in figures 4-1 and 4-2. The correct figures are shown below.
No image "4625-2-fg0401RevA.gif" attached to unicode/unicode/errata
No image "4625-2-fg0402RevA.gif" attached to unicode/unicode/errata
99"UCS-32BE, or UCS32LE" should be "UTF-32BE, or UTF32LE"
104Two occurrences of "n + 1" should be "n - 1"
105"apostrophe '," should be "apostrophe, ',"

Chapter 5 – Characters and Character Properties

No recorded errors.

Chapter 6 – Working With Text

140"a body of text, has was only recently" should be "a body of text has only recently

Chapter 7 – CJK Ideographs and Hangul

159"Korea. and Vietnam" should be "Korea and Vietnam".
161"V2" should be removed from the "Name" column.
163"Table 7-2 shows how three ideographs rendered" should be "Table 7-2 shows three ideographs rendered".

Chapter 8 – Standard Issues

173"or the corresponding code values in planes 01 to 10 as characters" should be "or the corresponding code values in planes 1 to 16, as characters".
175"information interchange, and devices" should be "information interchange and devices".

Chapter 9 – Unicode on the Internet

190"a HTML user" should be "an HTML user".
211The Text Declaration in Figure 9-9 should end with "?>", not just ">".

Chapter 10 – Operating System Support

229"Windows NT" is missing from the list.
233The euro symbol is missing.
234The second-last paragraph should not end with two periods.
237"was to become replace Mac OS" should be "was to replace Mac OS".

Chapter 11 – Programming Language Support

240In Figure 11-1, "0306" should be "0307".
261"U+004F (\u004F)" should be "U+006F (\u006F)".

Chapter 12 – Unicode and Fonts

314"A singe font" should be "A single font".

Alternative explanation provided by Jeff Hay-Roe:

“Or is there really such a thing as a "singe font"? I can imagine it being an old term for a really small font, because the typesetters had to get their eyes so close to the hot metal that they'd sometimes singe their eyelashes. I can imagine some typesetters sitting around talking in the lunch room: Typesetter 1: "I had to set 3 pages in a singe font yesterday." Typesetter 2: "Ouch! I thought you looked a little funny today. My wife's been a lot happier since I lost the moustache." Typesetter 3: (Texan drawl) "Dang them singe fonts. The sweat's always a-drippin' down into mah eyes now. Ah really do miss them thar eyebrows."”

Appendix A – Character Blocks

No recorded errors.

Appendix B – Unicode Consortium Resources

No recorded errors.

Appendix C – ISO/IEC 10646 Resources

No recorded errors.

Appendix D – Other Resources

412The last "/" in the URL for UniAPI should not be struck through.
414"WGL4.01" should be "WG4".


No recorded errors.


No recorded errors.


457"Policy on Character Sets and Languages (RTF 2277), HTTP referencing of, 215" should be "Policy on Character Sets and Languages (RFC 2277), HTTP referencing of, 214".


Back cover"Hanjul" should be "Hangul"

"snd" should be "and"

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